General Information

Project Multiludicaa a General Information .- The project is called Multiludica because it involves two activities occur simultaneously: learning to multiply playing. Multiplication is to teach children from age 7 to Table 20 in just one week. To the extent that their teaching does not need to use pencil, paper or board. As learning is a strictly mental. It can be deployed anywhere at low cost. Introduction and Diagnosis .- a is an alternative and timely solution to the learning of basic arithmetic operations at the primary level: we refer to multiplication. Multiple surveys and national and international studies show a painful reality.

The children of our country九五彩票登录 (Peru) are unable to master fluent multiplication. The above studies show that learning based on memorization of multiplication tables is nothing short of a failure. Enough take a tour at any public 九五彩票平台 to ratify this painful situation. Even high 九五彩票平台 students show little knowledge of this arithmetic operation. Statistical information about it relieves us of the need to delve into this topic. Defining the problem and its causes .- The problem is clearly stated: The very low 九五彩票平台 performance of children in primary 九五彩票平台s in the area of mathematics.

And in a particular way: the near-zero domain of multiplication. Fundamental arithmetic operation, as we know is a very short, is the inverse of the division, is an essential operation to find solutions for operations with fractions, in the establishment, enhancement, etc. , Etc. I would point out that the poor results that show our children is predominantly an element that is present in almost all subjects to be learned by the students both in primary and secondary levels.