Chile Society

I would add a fourth leg to the table of Veliz and is social self-consciousness. has many thoughts on the issue. It is recognizing us in our place and do not appear to be more rich as the poor or the middle class and do not appear to be more poor, as it is the case with the rich. Austerity is the way that the rich in Chile have to hide his fortune, but even though it is a virtue, only recognized as such when who practice makes it accordingly and not as a disguise social-recognized as such and occupy space within society with responsibility and establishment, is a fundamental condition for achieving development longed by all. The poor who hope that part of the well-being of the wealth reach them, not with handouts from the State or the upper class, but with stable, decent and recognized work. The rich man who refuses to assume its role as such, which is not recognized as an economic agent (the capital) is not fulfilling its task in this marathon towards development. Those who are hidden under the eaves of the austerity and do to hide their wealth, I would say a priest he is hiding from his own sins, Leon XIII is must-read for them, because it assigns them a paper rather than dominant in the actions of the wealth and social security. The poor have to protect them both as the rich, the former because they are in conditions of inequality to face society (lack education, opportunities, decent work, fair remuneration unfair inheritance of family breakdown), but opening their eyes about the mental attitude to poverty, which can be a warm bath that seduces you to live under such a State of condition, which shields States, gives you security, but not entrepreneurship. The mental attitude of human beings face the difficulties, sometimes is the largest show of our poverty. The same is true for the rich, the mental attitude to the hapless, the paradigm of the loose, does it stay inert to trigger changes that produce play its role of entrepreneur and social leader for the development-is in this game of honest us socially, where we see the leverage of social change, which will take us towards developing rapidly. Is not the State who should take care of the redistribution of income, through social protection or differentiated taxes, that is only an adjustment to cushion change, society is responsible for this action, we are all of us at our fair and real post within this society that we share.


Orange: This color is responsible for various abilities, tirelessly keep on our toes. The extreme force is impossibly tender. The influence exerted by them, is a warm, joyful and exciting. This color is associated with a desire to achieve self-affirmation. In turn blue – concentric color, he devotes all 'just imagine'. Its positive characteristics: orderliness, inflexibility, idealism, strength of spirit.

Its negative characteristics: bigotry, and subordination. This color "no bottom", it never ends, it draws to itself, is intoxicating. The strength of color underestimated. It creates the preconditions for deep reflection on life and wants to find a sense of truth. Imperceptibly, that the yellow tint is a joyous mood, calms the nervous, improves sexual cravings stimulates the brain and eyes. Prolonged healing smooths fluctuations in the course of the disease.

Activates the motor centers generate energy for the muscles, stimulates and cleanses the liver, stomach, skin, is a laxative and choleretic agent. The white color is an expression of resolve, escape and release from any resistance. White means absolute freedom from all obstacles and freedom for all possibilities. White – a blank slate, resolution of problems and new beginnings. Therefore, the bride's dress is white. Therefore, white is the symbol of physical death, when it considered the beginning of a new incarnation or dipping into nirvana. Blue-green (cyan): The most that any to have the ice of all shades. On the part of the reason why it is rational to apply particularly where nowhere to cause a visually refreshing coolness. It is desirable in hot countries, in the hot shops of the factory, in areas suffocating and heavy odor. Brown represents stability, loyalty, he was all on the surface. When hiring, he has a positive impact. Brown creates a comfort, but pulls the rest, so it You can not use the library, but it's good to use in court as the color of firmness. Brown calms, supports during an alarm, agitation. Selected with nervous exhaustion, is rejected when a person wants to find their individuality, away from the instincts of the body cease to depend on them. Orange: the color of the sun, life force. It's generally a good color to indicate a thoughtful, considerate towards others. Golden-orange: speaks to the vitality and self-control. Orange-brown: evidence of lack of ambition and carelessness. Perhaps such a person something is suppressed, but more often a sign of laziness. People who have in the aura of orange color, are prone to liver disorders. Blue, especially bright light and shade – spirituality. Some of the higher degrees of spirituality inherent in the people, expressed in blue with scattered it shining bright points, sparkling and glistening like stars on a clear winter night. In turn, the black – a rebuttal, and the boundary beyond which terminates "color" the life. Due to the black color expresses the idea of "zero". Zero as unbreakable denial, as if death or as if "no" to combat the protest. Black is stagnation, protect and embossment of excitatory influences. Having considered the above colors and their properties, you can always choose the color that is better suited for your particular job. Therefore, in the manufacture of business cards, make sure you choose the right color, and it will definitely improve your work.

Milenium Formations

Then, it is good for indicating, for inviting, those pupils who well had been always made use in the activities developed when elapsing of the course. The group is formed by the president positions, vice-president, bursar, secretary and promoter of events. If its group will have 40 pupils more than, is interesting to include other substitutes as according to bursar, vice-secretary and more promotional of events, but she does not have to exceed more than what 10 members. He enters the functions that must be commanded by the commission and voted for all group it is the choice of the orator, the juramentista and the pupils who go to make the homages. Beyond nominating the professor homaged paranymph, professors and the protector, who is a personality of the professional area that inspires the group. After the first meeting and of the subject suggested and argued for all the group, the next step is to look a company of formations who has experience in the market to take off all the doubts of the group, to plan the mass, the light meal of degree, afesta of formation, to register the important moments of the group, still, during the graduation and, is clearly, during the parties, among others decisions that the formation company is responsible for legalizing. A time definite the integrant ones of the commission and contacted a formation company, must establish the general rules of the commission and create a legal entity to burocratizar action as to create an account in the bank, to carry through the due payments, among others activities. In accordance with the commercial director of the Milenium Formations, all commission of formation must make its social statute, that involves a document series staffs of the members that the contracted if prontifica company to request way notary’s office, through the service of legal assessorship. The company the formation company is the responsible one for placing the dream of the group in practical.

Wedding Photographers

There are many people who doubt the importance that has to hire good wedding photographers when they do the celebration of marriage. Check out for additional information. And the truth, this person is very important for each one of the stages of marriage, since weddings photographers will be present since the bride leaves the House or place that is arranged, passing by wedding ceremony, then with the arrival to the party, then in the section which is usually separates that wedding photographers take special photosduring the wedding feast and, finally, in the moment in which the bride and groom leave the feast of marriage to spend their first night together. Wedding photographers specialized in each one of the moments that we have mentioned the wedding will be required. These professional photographers will be present at each of the stages of marriage and may thus make the holiday unforgettable and may have everything needed to be successful. is a great source of information. We’ll give you some reasons why it is good to hire wedding photographers specializing in this type of event for the celebration of your marriage.

First of all this professionalism. Wedding photographers specialize exactly in this: in special for the wedding pictures. So you know which is the way that the photos leave satisfied customers and know many tip important when taking photos that will leave satisfied everyone. Photographers of weddings have all the experience and knowledge required to make unforgettable photos of the wedding for the couple and the family of the couple who is also quite interested to know (especially the parents of the bride and groom) wedding photos. Another reason why it is good to hire the services of professional wedding photographers is that photos of the wedding fulfilled important functions for the couple and their relatives: constitute a nice keepsake for the couple not only in moments wishing to remember him but also in times of crisis, they are a reminder to the family of what happened at the wedding, they are used to show the children a commemorative souvenir of union and love of their parents and They also serve to show them to people who for whatever reason were not able to attend any of the stages of the wedding party. It is for these varied reasons that it is important to provide good photographers of weddings for the occasion. Indeed, perhaps the most important functions that meet the photographs of a wedding photographer have to do with the development of the family which is to come (that Yes, if things are good during the marriage). Because the memory of the wedding can be a nice memory that reinforce the ties that have United the couple, and this is not so important when the couple by simple liberality decides to recall moments together, it is also important when the couple is going through moments of crisis and need to remember the things that made them decide to try to live a life together. The pictures are important for this from the photographers of weddings, which you can easily find when you are looking for on the website or telephone directories.

Organizational Skills

As it can be seen from the definition of Raven, capabilities will also be within the reach of the company’s organisational, resources that will energize the rest of resources that owns a business organization. However, other authors consider by resources, inter alia, to human skills and the organizational routines that for others is clearly a capability. For its part, Barney (1991) and Grant (1991) recognize the existence of organizational resources, which shall not be more than a concept very similar to the capacity. As it can be seen from the above, the debate about these concepts is not yet closed. However in this study will be the trend for the broad sense of the term resource.

Another point that emerges of importance in this work is the distinction between resources and distinctive competences. For this clarification, the reflection is needed on the traditional concept of sustainable competitive advantage (Coyne, 1986). The resource-based approach identifies resources as a source of competitive advantages. But it is not enough to have a competitive advantage, this must also be sustainable in time and company should be able to appropriating income generated. The competitiveness of the company then depends on its ability to set up a portfolio of unique resources, which confer a series of distinctive competences. Selznick (1957), refers to the concept of distinctive competence of an organization, not as what you can do, but what you can do well. Andrews (1971) for its part already gives you a current conception to refer to the experience in producing and marketing a line of products, development of capacities of individuals comprising the Organization, the degree in which the individual capacity applies to the common task, and the quality of individual effort and Group coordination. Other authors define the competences of the Organization as the level and patterns of deployment of resources and past and present abilities that help the organization achieve its goals and objectives, to differentiate them from resources is obtained and resources deployed so that they can not be easily duplicated by others.

九五彩票平台 Surveys

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Parliamentary State Secretary

Federal Ministry for education and research (BMBF) is for the accelerated transfer of prominent biotechnological processes in the industrial practice in Berlin, 10.07.2011 – the Federal Ministry of education and research (BMBF) launched the “Next generation of biotechnological procedures – biotechnology 九五彩票app下载 +” strategy process in 2010. Others who may share this opinion include . The strategy process is to help in the “national research strategy bioeconomy 2030” the Government pinned target to use in achieving long-term renewable resources with biotechnological procedures more industrially in various sectors and fields of application. In the course of which the 2nd Annual Congress was held at the 07.07.2011 in the Berlin bcc. Among the participants was also the Board of Directors of the CEHATROL technology EC, Frank Knauer, as well as the cooperation partner of the cooperative, Mr Manfred Garcia, from the engineering & expert Office, grey man of Odenthal. The Parliamentary State Secretary of the BMBF Dr Helge Braun brought the problem to the point in his speech: “to the full potential “to be able to develop biotechnological production processes with which the BMBF is in addition to accelerated transfer of biotechnological procedures in industrial practice – as they” innovation initiative industrial biotechnology “- also promotes the development completely novel techniques required.” Numerous discussions and workshops with experts from science and industry have shown that novel biotechnological production processes may arise from a closer co-operation of bio – science and engineering. The CEHATROL technology EC will implement, inter alia, the TDP method in the construction of the BtL plants and worldwide to provide customers with this biotechnology. The diesel fuel extracted exclusively from biogenic raw materials and residues, called CEHATROL, so-called BtL diesel, is produced according to DIN EN 590.

The CEHATROL oil, produced according to DIN 51603-1, manufactured exclusively from biomass. This guarantees the highest quality and offers a tremendous price advantage, the final consumer because as a cooperative Member he receives the fuel oil to production costs, which are currently at 0.48 per litre. CEHATROL may heating oil all oil heaters and block heat and power plants (CHP) are used and meets highest demands of modern heating technology. Due to the production of renewable raw materials, the cooperative makes an enormous contribution to climate protection. CEHATROL oil and CEHATROL diesel reduces CO 2 emissions by more than 90%.

Cannon Situation

He is interesting to indicate that the fear to the physical damage brings about the same reaction that the fear to a psychic pain. The certain thing, remembers to us Elena Go’mez, who implied physiological changes in a provoking situation of fear are pronounced. Recurdese that the implied physiological systems, at interactive level, par excellence, are: the independent nervous system and the endocrine system. The subsequent answer, before atemorizante stimulus, triggered by these systems, was investigated by Cannon and Selye that studied the immediate reaction of the organism (Cannon) and the adaptation of the same before a continued situation of stress (Selye). (Reactions of alarm and period of resistance). The mobilization of the corporal resources, adapted for attack-flight answer, against the danger, is shown through the activation of the likeable nervous system and the adrenal marrow that is going to secrete hormones like the epinefrina and norepinefrina *, if the situation stays, goes of the alarm reaction, to the period of resistance and the control happens of the marrow to the adrenal crust and to the adenohipfisis, implied hormones are denominated antiflogisticas (they reduce the inflammatory processes) and glucocorticoids are related to the metabolism of sugars in the organism (: hidrocortisona, corticosterona and cortisone), therefore, are related to the contribution of energy to the same in the phase of resistance of which we spoke. Prolonged stress, produces a diminution in the activity of the thyroid (diminution of tiroidea stimulating hormone) and a smaller secretion of the hormone of the growth. Continue to learn more with: .

Also there is a clear repercussion of the stress continued in the alteration of the sexual and reproductive behavior, takes place, therefore before a situation it continues of emergencia in the organism, a smaller activity of the growth, reproduction and defenses in front of infectious processes, as much it is the cause of stress: psychological, by surgical traumatism or environmental cause (Gray, 1971). Concretely Go’mez thinks, who the fear is a reaction of protection on the part of the organism that also depends on the filogentico development and on the concrete situation in that one takes place. Present Tngase that are several ways, in which it is reacted to the fear like: The attack; the flight; the paralyzation or some intersocial conducts of submission against dominance * suggested References: . – Gray, Jeffrey A. (1971) the psychology of the fear, edic. Guadarrama.Madrid. (pp 9-21).

– Jeffers, Susan (1993) Although is equal scared, hgalo, edic. Rocn Book.Barcelona. (p.41). – Ramirez Villafez, Loved (1995) a scientific method to confront the fear and the sadness edic. Amar.Salamanca. (p.

Not Forgetting Young People

Follow-up to this young girl has not been easy; We wanted to have news and we have found them comes from the popular Caricuao parish. Since very young, he participated in various youth meetings and community associations. He was as Directora Juvenil de Caricuao by the Fifth Republic movement. Student leader of the Colegio Santa Ana. He is a Civil Engineer and also studied in Spain at the University of Miguel? ngel of Elche, in Madrid where he earned the title of expert in Protocol and institutional studies.

Three (3) languages spoken: Spanish, English and French. Chavez, that is your political tendency! We remember it in walks with Chavez when he was a candidate; is anyone remember when rifo in the Estadio Universitario baseball ball, signed by Chavez?, is clear when was candidate: as a youngster of propatria won it and who gave it? Vanessa. And in policy discussions: Chavistas and Irenistas, in television, print and national programmes, always together of the youth Directorate in Caracas; nodding to innumerable marches, the aforementioned also supported in his political campaign our so well-known friend Antonio Rodriguez San Juan, current Governor varguense. Faithful visitor of the House of the MVR, on avenida libertador, which was in charge of our remembered Omar Mezza Ramirez. He was as Chief of Protocol of the governorate of Vargas for five years; from there decides to undertake route to France, by her marriage?, never met you dating! and he is currently the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in France, as Second Secretary from the consular section. Don’t ask me how I knew it but the truth is that it took to give with your track. As a person, say their neighbors and those who have known her that he has an incalculable charisma, good friend, good daughter, good I only remind that under the guise of Red catirita, dunno if some saw it?, costume mechanical red color and a tape on the forehead Viva Chavez!I take the attribution do you one small biography, because I would just like to young entrepreneurs like her; they were treasures discovered by all our leaders.

Writing Impulsive

Often there are editors in disagreement about whether a short sales letter with a lot of blank space is better that a long and detailed. The pros and cons of the debate are divided according to the following to what type of buyer are addressed? There are basically two types of buyers. 1. The impulsive buyer.This is the type of people cven very quickly and lack of time. Generally speaking, stops at the headlines and subtopics, they look at the photos and captions, and make a snap to make a decision. 2.

The buyer’s analysis.This group of buyers believes that the proof is in the details. They’ll read everything including the fine print. In this case it is logical that the sales letter deals with the needs of buyers regardless of its length. Let’s take a look at what you need to do to reach both the analytical impulsive buyers. How to get there. The impulsive buyer 1.

Use headlines and subtitles to get your attention. 2 Take advantage of the graphics that enhance your message. Photos different legends typefaces and shaded font sizes used negritResalta with shaded areas or bullets to the analytical 1 purchaser. Headlines, subtitles and graphics used for the analytical buyer as guides. Add the detailed information, the analytical needs of the purchaser under the appropriate heading, and you have a winning sales letter that guarantee the success. Inside knowledge of how it should react to your potential buyers, the key is to get your attention and will have extra income. The needs of the impulsive buyer and the analytical buyer overlaps are a bonus for you, the copywriter! By an effective entrepreneurship.